“I started seeing Dr. Brittany in the last stretch of my pregnancy as I was in so much pain from a pinched nerve. I had terrible pain when walking, sitting, or lying down. After my first visit I felt a huge difference. I highly recommend visiting and getting adjustments for pregnancy and delivery. The care and personal attention given by the doctor and staff were beyond professional and I cannot thank them enough for helping me feel better and contributing View Full →


“Brought my son in after having multiple ear infections. It has been 7 months since he started and we have been ear infections free!! We have also noticed positive changes in his sleeping.”


“My daughter had torticollis after birth. We started chiropractic and her head position changed dramatically. She is also sleeping much better”


“With the birth of my first child life changed in so many ways. She wouldn’t breastfeed and I was heartbroken. Someone suggest maybe taking her to the chiropractor would help. It did. Within hours she was breastfeeding! Since my children have been coming in since birth they know when they need to come in to. Chiropractic has helped my children’s immune system, teething, constipation, sleeping and spitting up”

Erica B

Before I started attending the chiropractor my body was limited in doing certain things. It hasn’t been easy but since I started coming it has been such an improvement. My body can already feel the difference. I have better range of motion and no headaches.

Stephanie W

Before attending chiropractic care I was living in pain from the work I do and the lifestyle I live. Since I started chiropractic care I am living in less pain, sleeping better, and I am able to move freely. It is nice to know that there is somewhere to go to feel better and not have to take pain killers to relieve the pain. They even helped reduce the pain as my body was changing and getting ready for giving View Full →

Cindy R

I came to Dr. Brittany because I had chronic sinus pain and pressure. She gives me regular adjustments and uses a tuning fork on my sinuses. I have had 100% improvements and am so happy that I came to her.

Sara S

My husband has daily physical stresses due to work; my now 2 year old son was colicky, uncomfortable and cried continually prior to chiropractic care; and I had physical stresses from work and giving birth by C-section. With chiropractic care we began seeing results with my son almost instantly; he cried less frequently and had less strain and discomfort. My husband and I are able to handle physical and emotional stresses better and are thrilled that our second son now View Full →


After being involved in an accident in 2002, I was suffering from chronic pain which limited my ability to do daily activities. Even with medication, I did not feel any better. Since receiving chiropractic care, I have been able to work part-time without feeling too much pain. I still have chronic pain, but I am able to control it since starting chiropractic care. It was the best decision I could have made for myself.


Before seeking chiropractic care, I was very worn out due to 6-8 migraines a week along with issues in my knees, hands, and neck. I was ready for a change and wanted to take less to no painkillers as well as gain more energy. My biggest goal was to be migraine free. After discovering the source of the problems, I have improved greatly. It’s like a new lease on life.