When I was growing up in Sault Ste. Marie I had no idea what a chiropractor was, nor did I realize what an essential part of my life chiropractic would become.  My first experience was watching my father go through a crippling episode of ‘back pain’ when I was a young child.  The standard approach to treatment in 1985 was bedrest and painkillers, so my father stayed in bed as instructed, for almost 3 weeks.  It wasn’t until he sought out the advice of a chiropractor much later,  he realized the importance of maintaining function and mobility during the treatment/healing process, as opposed to simply resting with little to no movement.

The second experience was my own.  I had an episode of lower back pain that left me standing crooked, and in a lot of pain.   Although I had no direct injury, I knew something was wrong, but couldn’t figure out how I came to that point (of being crooked).  Once i experienced chiropractic treatment for myself and was educated on some of the simple mistakes we make living our life to the fullest, I understood the importance of chiropractors and the need to continue on their good work.

While attending chiropractic school in Minneapolis, Minnesota I focused on a balanced approach to chiropractic care, seeking out alternative techniques and approaches to whatever type of patient presented in my office.    Additional techniques utilizing activator and drop piece presented an option for patients not suited for manual treatments and manipulations.    After graduating in 2004 I briefly practiced in Calgary, Alberta and returned to Ontario in 2006.  I’ve had the privilege of working with football and hockey teams at the junior level, and have taken an interest in concussion/post-concussion management with chiropractic care and cranial adjustments.   I’ve come to embrace a full body approach with chiropractic care seeking additional training in orthotic therapy and kinesiotaping in my practice, as well as the use of modalities such as ultrasound and shockwave.  I am excited to become a part of the Strathroy community and look forward to helping the people live a better life, performing at a higher level.