At our office we create an atmosphere where families feel at home.

We want kids to have fun and enjoy their experience in our office. For these reasons we have a large kids’ play area, and a fish tank which many parents have to pry their children away from to leave.

We provide care mainly in an open concept room. We find this type of set up works well for families, and helps to create a relaxing healing environment. However, patients do always have the option to receive care in a private room setting if uncomfortable with the open concept room.

Each month we decorate our office in a different theme. These can range from an island beach party, to underwater creatures, to sports, to traditional holidays such as Halloween, and Christmas.

To help families on their journey towards health and wellness we have complimentary Pathways to Family Wellness magazines available for all our patients. These magazines have loads of information including tips for parenting, birth strategies, advice during pregnancy, nutrition advice, recipes and the science of wellness; all from leading experts in their fields. We also provide information on our bulletin board each month relating to new research in the areas of nutrition, toxins, health, and the environment.

We have many individuals and families that have been part of Wagner Chiropractic for many years. We want to thank all of our patients for being a part of our practice. It is a privilege to serve you.