Growing up with a chiropractor as a father gave me a unique childhood. I was first adjusted when I was one day old because for me, like many babies the birth process can be more stress than our little body can handle. As a child, I continued to have my nervous system checked regularly for stress and was adjusted if needed. Now as a parent myself, I have the honor of checking my own children and helping ensure that their spine and joints grow and move optimally.

Today, we live in a toxic world from lack of exercise, to fast food, to toxic cleaning products, to air and water pollution. And unfortunately, kids are suffering the consequences.  Along with treating whole families, my passion is serving pregnant women and children because I believe a healthy child can have an huge impact on the future of the world. As a mom, I see first hand the bumps and bruises that children suffer through and how this can affect function of the body and the development of posture. Chiropractic offers a safe and effective way to help children’s bodies move the way they were designed to. During pregnancy many women suffer from aches and pains as their body goes through many changes to grow a baby and prepare for labor. Chiropractic is very safe during pregnancy and can be a great way to maintain function in the body and joints during these changes.

Another population I really enjoy working with is Autistic children. During my studies at Chiropractic College I had the honor of doing an extra internship at the Muki Baum School for children with special needs. Autism is a condition that involves social, behavioral and verbal impairments. And what controls these things in the body? The nervous system. And Chiropractic is about restoring function to the spine and joints that can have an impact on the nervous system.

I became a chiropractor to lead people to embrace what health really is and how your body is designed to heal and thrive no matter your age. My vision is to help the families of Strathroy raise healthier children and become healthier adults. Everyone has the choice. Choose to embrace health now, or live with illness later. Which will you choose?