My whole life I have been fascinated with the awesome construction of the human body. Playing sports while I was young helped me to appreciate my muscles and ligaments while they were healthy, and really miss them when they were injured. Missing out on the things I enjoyed most in my life because of pain or injury really shaped me and drove me to help others get back to what they enjoy.

As an RMT I enjoy helping people reduce pain. Whether it is chronic pain, injuries, or spasms, massage is this incredible tool to help the body heal and get back to optimal function.

I have a passion for treating athletes. Growing up as an athlete I really see the need for the body to heal quickly and perform optimally. As an RMT I help athletes return from injuries as quickly as possible. l also help to warm-up athletes before big events. Studies have shown that pre-event massage can help to reduce pre-game stress and anxiety and enhance athletic performance. I also help athletes to improve range of motion as well as stretch and strengthen specific muscles for their desired sport.

I like to treat people who have overuse injuries. Whether it is your repetitive job or you have been over-worked, your body can begin to ache and work less than optimally. I like to help people get back to work by reducing pain from overuse and helping to build better habits so these injuries can be prevented in the future.

I also really enjoy treating pregnant women. Research has shown that massage therapy during pregnancy can help to improve mood, reduce low back pain, and even improve the birthing outcome.

Having seen my wife go through pregnancies I can really see how women suffer from these things. That is why I want to help to make sure women can have the best pregnancy that they can.

I feel very fortunate to work with a wonderful group of Chiropractors. Together our team is very capable and competent to help you become pain free and live your life optimally.